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Pool table Peia

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Inspired by Bilijardai S6 (not replica Bilijardai S6)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Product description

unique design, custom-made billiard table that will truly change the interior of your home.
The table is based on a metal unified center console, unique shape and visual lightness make this product unique on the billiard table market. Massive and heavy cushions with a unique shape ensure excellent ball bounce. Their top is made of a very hard material (compact HPL 15mm), the rest is made of solid birch wood.
Pocket linings are made of soft PVC, which ensure great and calm reception of each ball. The depth of the middle pockets is the same as the corner pockets, which results in perfect acceptance as in professional sports tables. The set includes natural Brazilian slate and the highest quality Simonis 760/860 fabric in any color.
Unlimited finishing options expand the possibilities of your room, which fits perfectly with the colors of the interior, but also provides some contrast with them.
Tabletop for the S7 dining room, created especially for the S series design tables, perfectly fits the geometric shape of the table.
Available in a 7-foot size.
Various types of games are available.


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Pool table Peia

Pool table Peia

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