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Rectangular ping-pong table Acerenza

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Inspired by FAS Pendezza Grasshopper (not replica FAS Pendezza Grasshopper)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: FAS Pendezza Grasshopper

Product description

Grasshopper is a table tennis game characterized by a wooden playing field. The legs are limber and thin, and the tabletop is essential and clean, allowing the table to be used in a variety of environments. The width of the table makes it suitable for a reception of twelve people: therefore it can easily serve as a dining table during the most social moments. Grasshopper defines a new concept of play in which community plays a central role.
Structure – metallic
Playing area – dimensions in accordance with regulations 274 x 152.5 cm, wood thickness 25 mm
Net weight – 100 kg
Height from the ground – 75 cm
Accessories included - 2 rackets, 6 balls included


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Rectangular ping-pong table Acerenza

Rectangular ping-pong table Acerenza

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