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Pool table covered with fabric Partaloa

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Inspired by Nuevepies Fabric Memory (not replica Nuevepies Fabric Memory)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Product description

Fabric Memory is a billiard table from the FABRIC collection. The warmth of textile material for the first time on the pool table. Kvadrat® fabric designed by Patricia Urquiola.
Material: American walnut pockets. Shiny copper brass. Gorina fabric in camel brown. Our tables are custom built to play your pool game of choice: billiards or carom. High performance table with all the features and goods you need, ready to play.

Technical data

L 292 x W 127 x H 76 cm Recommended minimum play area: 500 x 400 cm


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Pool table covered with fabric Partaloa

Pool table covered with fabric Partaloa

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