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Rectangular ping-pong table Oildale

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Inspired by Manerba You-Eco (not replica Manerba You-Eco)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Manerba You-Eco
Original code: F757

Product description

You-Eco is a rectangular ping-pong table made of wood and metal legs. You-Eco respects nature and studies sustainability. You-Eco uses wooden panels from forests with controlled development, preserving the life cycle of plants and avoiding mass exploitation of forests. You-Eco is simple engineering: desks consisting of only 4 elements (top, beam and 2 legs) and only 16 screws.
Manerba Industry is an industrial reality that is able to cope with large-scale business and contract projects. With the same intelligence that goes into tailor-made projects, Manerba realizes office layouts and delivers large-sized furniture.


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Rectangular ping-pong table Oildale

Rectangular ping-pong table Oildale

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