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Rectangular console table Osoyoos

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Inspired by Adora Diamante (not replica Adora Diamante)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Adora Diamante

Product description

The Diamante collection draws inspiration from the geometric shapes of cut diamonds, highlighting the beautiful lines that represent the best of Made In Italy production. Each motif in the Diamante collection reflects the refined taste inherent in the fine work of a jeweler, and the details of each item have been developed to give it a contemporary character that makes it stand out elegantly in any prestigious interior.
The Diamante collection is to be admired like a jewel. . Like gems, its pieces play with light dancing with the endless reflective properties of glass, not to mention vivid color contrasts accentuated by their size and shape. Fascinating and complex like the surface of a precious stone, this is the basic concept of the Diamante collection. A few simple lines intersect to reveal frames finished in elm wood, carrying all the refined beauty of the brightest glass surfaces.
Adora's technical team, which designed and created this new DIAMANTE collection, chose a new, highly technical and effective material with called TECRES®. It was used to make handles, strips and other load-bearing elements from this collection. TECRES® is obtained by extruding a polymer, which is then pressed under high pressure in steel presses.
The obtained elements are extremely hard and durable, and their finish is light gold and chrome. This finish maintains the gold's brilliant shine for a long time, eliminating annoying oxidation problems.


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Rectangular console table Osoyoos

Rectangular console table Osoyoos

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