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Plate console Haaften

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Inspired by Medulum Vodo (not replica Medulum Vodo)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Medulum Vodo
Original code: VO.SO

Product description

Vodo is a softly shaped console with a solid wood shelf and a foldable sheet metal shelf underneath. Available in various colors and essences. Thanks to its linear design, it highlights the environment in which it is located. Perfect for use in the office, home or work environment. An object constantly changing: transparent and ethereal when viewed from the front, material and solid when viewed from the side. Vodo, a furniture line that redefines interior landscapes. Folding sheets of metal, empty spaces that create windows into living spaces, sculptures that become benches, shelves, bedside tables and consoles. Basic forms provided by architecture.

Technical data

W 100 x H 90 x D 35 cm


Medulum, Accardi Buccheri, Vodo, Furniture, Tables and chairs, Console tables, console table, Contemporary style console tables, Metal tables, Slab consoles, Rectangular consoles, Console tables with shelves


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Plate console Haaften

Plate console Haaften

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