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Wooden console table with drawers Koronowo

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Inspired by Il Pezzo Mancante Il Pezzo 10 (not replica Il Pezzo Mancante Il Pezzo 10)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Il Pezzo Mancante Il Pezzo 10

Product description

Stiff, strong and impenetrable, like a medieval Florentine palace, it seems to be suspended and floating above the imaginary Arno River. Il Pezzo 10 presents embossed wood, giving it a medieval flavor, the wood shows endless shades and colors; invites you to stroke these rounded surfaces, delicately smoothed and matured with the scent of essential oils, providing a true celebration of the senses. The design includes delicate drapes over the cast brass handles and, to hold it all together with grace and beauty, plenty of shiny legs.
Each piece features a small brass cylinder, containing a serial number, seals for authenticity and uniqueness.
Available in custom sizes and finishes.
For orders or information, please contact us.
Base and handles:
black nickel
pink brown
brown shade
light brown (matte)
satin brass (matte)

Technical data

165 x 45 x h. 89 cm - 64.9" x 17.7" x h. 35"


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Wooden console table with drawers Koronowo

Wooden console table with drawers Koronowo

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