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Oval dining table made of wood and marble Evje

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Inspired by Rossato Conrad (not replica Rossato Conrad)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Rossato Home

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Luxurious decorations for this majestic table; a brass and wood structure that supports an oval gray marble top. The same finish referring to the motif of the countertop, interwoven with thin brass strips for an extraordinary, refined elegance. The alternation of full and empty spaces clashes with the solidity of the tabletop, giving an impression of unexpected lightness.
The Conrad table is ideal for important dining rooms, and its shape fits perfectly into spacious spaces, both in classic and modern styles. The cylindrical base allows flexible adjustment to the seats and is available in round, elliptical and semi-elliptical versions. It is available in a wide range of marbles, woods and metals, with various finishes, making it a unique and unique piece.


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Oval dining table made of wood and marble Evje

Oval dining table made of wood and marble Evje

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