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Quilted fabric sofa Teuchern

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Inspired by Moroso Bohemian (not replica Moroso Bohemian)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Moroso Bohemian

Product description

The Bohemian sofa is made of injected, fire-resistant polyurethane foam with a resin interior and a wooden frame. Polypropylene feet. Optional backrest and seat cushions are made of goose down.
Sofas (code 018 and 003) include 2 back cushions.
Fabric cover. Taking button quilting into account, giving it a new character and revolutionizing the concept, Patricia Urquiola has designed a range of products that appear to have a fluid shape, as if they melt on the frame, creating soft, comfortable, almost free lines in which the fabric or leather is attached to the shell using snaps. The pieces appear to have a scarf wrapped around the shoulders, and the seat has various overlapping cushions: an almost obsessive attention to the design of the cover, the layering of leathers and other materials, colors and fabric types. A kind of luxurious patchwork that, when worn, gives the whole a nomadic, global character.


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Quilted fabric sofa Teuchern

Quilted fabric sofa Teuchern

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