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Mirror/parking stand Chaulnes

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Inspired by Longhi Venere (not replica Longhi Venere)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Longhi Loveluxe 2017 – Essence collection
Original code: Y 339

Product description

Venere - Mirror with a male or female mannequin.
Wooden base covered with P.3 leather Suede or velvet
Cat.H from the range, edges and structural columns in grooved metal in finishes:
- light light gold,
- matte champagne gold,
- light chrome,
- light black chrome,
- matte satin brown,
- light pink gold,
br />- matte rose gold.
The back of the mirror and a small shelf covered with leather or velvet Cat.HA The tradition of precious craftsmanship is behind the Loveluxe collection, which shows an elegant and refined taste resulting from the combination of the designer's creativity with the natural characteristics of the raw materials. Skillfully crafted by hand with attention to detail, simple materials are transformed into unique pieces that are 100% made in Italy.

Technical data

70 x 70 x 170 cm


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Mirror/parking stand Chaulnes

Mirror/parking stand Chaulnes

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