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LED wall lamp Borgio

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Inspired by Bel-Lighting Koba 1 (not replica Bel-Lighting Koba 1)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Bel-Lighting Koba
Original code: 8045

Product description

KOBA 1 | anodized aluminum/white/black/gray Waterproof IP65 cubic LED wall light
Housing made of solid aluminum
Stainless steel screws
Protection rating IP65 - IK09
Class 1 (230 V) or Class 3 (350 mA)
Safe plexiglass
Built-in LED 3.2W 350mA or 3W 230V
EC energy class: A+ (350mA) or A (230V)
LED power supply 350mA CC (not for 230V model) (not included)
10° lens - code: AC.8041.32
D32 3 ,2W 350mA - 5000K - 70°
W03 3W 230V - 2700K - 70°
W32 3.2W 350mA - 2700K - 70°
01 White
02 Black
br />32 Anodized aluminum
39 Gray
48 Dark gray (structural RAL 7016) Wall lamp made of solid aluminum with light directed down and up. This high-quality, durable product uses the latest LED technology and combines high efficiency. Mounted individually or in groups, this luminaire is ideal for illuminating facades, columns or pilasters.

Technical data

50 x 50 x 75 mm


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LED wall lamp Borgio

LED wall lamp Borgio

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