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LED wall lamp Yuvacik

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Inspired by Lightnet Basic NEO Y5/X5 (not replica Lightnet Basic NEO Y5/X5)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Lightnet Basic

Product description

BASIC NEO Y5/X5 is a surface-mounted LED luminaire for walls or ceilings with direct light distribution and indirect corona light distribution or only direct light distribution. Surface coated in white, silver, graphite, black, champagne or copper. Further surface options can be found in the Lightnet-Surface-Collection or in your selected RAL color.
Micro-prismatic screen with optimized glare reduction, especially for use in workplaces. Satin opal diffuser for general lighting with maximum transmittance and uniform illumination. Power supply integrated with the luminaire housing, optionally switchable or dimmable (DALI, Touch-Dim, Casambi).
Color temperature 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 6500K or Tunable White (2700-6500K). Binning≤ MacAdam 3. Color rendering CRI>80, CRI>90 or Full Spectrum. On request: Integration of emergency lighting elements. Classic and timeless setting. Nature, like architecture, can be reduced to a few basic shapes: lines, dots, rectangles and circles. With our luminaires, we equip architects and lighting designers with these geometric shapes so that they can design architecture with light.
The circular BASIC family offers maximum freedom in planning thanks to a particularly large product variety. "Basic" because the setting represents a basic shape, the eternal circle. It has been proven on the market for over 15 years, and Lightnet is constantly developing and improving it.
The focus of development was the circle of light. The circle of light has an important meaning for people in general and for architecture in particular. In nature, it is always present as the sun and the moon. The circle symbolizes unity, perfection, absolute, eternity. To make the circle as puristic as possible and focus on the circle of light, we designed the volume of the housing to be as small as possible. Even today, BASIC offers the flattest design sizes on the market.
An important feature of BASIC is its scalability - it is available in very fine pitches (10 cm each) and in many diameters: The smallest Basic = 20 cm // The largest Basic = diameter 1.5 m.
Following the instructions the company's approach to sustainability, planners can thus provide different room sizes with only as much light as necessary.
The new BASIC generations illuminate the side light source to achieve an even flatter housing. The flattest BASIC has a frame height of 18 mm. This means we leave all lighting design options open. Additionally, BASIC is available with opal shutters and micro-prismatic screens that reduce glare - ideal for office rooms.
BASIC is available in all types of structures (recessed, surface-mounted, suspended) and in direct and indirect versions, various suspensions, variants for plaster ceilings -concrete, for filling, edgeless, with a edge, 3-phase rails, various pendant lengths, as free-standing luminaires, only as acoustic absorbers... Many variants of architectural design.
Due to the great diversity, BASIC can be used in all areas - whether in offices, public buildings, educational institutions, childcare centers, lobbies, stores, shopping malls, ... - the possibilities are endless.


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LED wall lamp Yuvacik

LED wall lamp Yuvacik

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