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Handmade wall lamp made of Murano glass Bierghes

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Inspired by Sogni Di Cristallo Secolo (not replica Sogni Di Cristallo Secolo)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Sogni Di Cristallo Classici Veneziani

Product description

Secolo: authentic classic Sogni di Cristallo® Venetian blown glass wall lamp.
Entirely handmade in kilns deep in Venice, Italy, according to the traditional Murano glass technique.
A work of art decorated with precious stones, leaves and flowers manufactured by Venetian glass masters.
Metal frame with chrome or gold galvanized finish to choose from.
Spare parts included in the order.

Technical data

1 lamp width 20 cm, height 40 cm
2 lamps width 40 cm, height 40 cm
3 lamps width 50 cm, height 40 cm


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Handmade wall lamp made of Murano glass Bierghes

Handmade wall lamp made of Murano glass Bierghes

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