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LED wall lamp handmade of bronze Valko

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Inspired by Serip Calathea MAKOYANA (not replica Serip Calathea MAKOYANA)

Due to the copyright notice, please note that this product is not a replica

Inspired by: Serip Calathea
Original code: AP1519/4

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Born in dense and untamed tropical forests, the CALATHEA plant serves as the inspiration for the new Serip collection, to which it also gives its name, elegance and charm. CALATHEA represents a delicate and delicate movement, but is saturated with life energy that flows through each element of Nature, which makes them unique.
CALATHEA Seripa elements are symbols of connection with the Earth, with the source of all touches of life, and above all at the same time embody brightness that we need so that we can discover the path that will lead us to balance, to harmony, to what is beyond us, to a new beginning.


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LED wall lamp handmade of bronze Valko

LED wall lamp handmade of bronze Valko

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