Inspired by Aggy

"Aggy" is a design brand that produces furniture, which was created with a view to producing unique, high-quality furniture and making it available to customers. "Aggy" is an abbreviation of Agota - a furniture and product designer - and her father - Gytis, who has over 30 years of experience in the furniture industry. The brand was born in a family passionate about design, whose goal is to provide its customers with exceptional design, high-quality elements, quality and pure aesthetics of design. We work with local workshops to produce everything in Lithuania to ensure that we offer a sustainable, durable product and have been awarded the "Design Award" - the golden award. Thinking about new and creative ways to enjoy life outdoors and indoors, we provide innovative, fun design elements to our clients who value a simple, relaxing yet responsible way of life. Therefore, our designs speak of a simple and slow lifestyle with a sustainable approach to it. lifestyle.

"Aggy" is a new furniture brand with a creative and slow mindset, offering innovative ideas for stylish interiors. The simple, clear geometric shapes of our designs not only bring something new, but are also an expression of a new style Aggy's designs are original, fun, and offer a new way to enjoy your precious time in a stylish and functional setting

Collections are developed with special attention to today's design needs.

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