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"Classic German design interpreted in a contemporary style" is the perfect motto of the German company Zimmer + Rohde, which has been producing since 1899. The company produces hand-woven curtains and upholstery fabrics in a classic, modern style, whose precise color combinations and patterns can be matched to a variety of contexts, from historic villas to state-of-the-art lofts. Zimmer + Rohde also provides large contract projects such as hotels, offices and cruise ships with fire and wear resistant solutions that meet strict technical standards without compromising on design. The family-run business with offices in New York, Paris, Milan, London, Dubai and Hong Kong includes six fabric brands (Zimmer + Rohde, Ardecora, Etamine, Hodsoll McKenzie, Travers and Asian Cetec), a line of furniture, bedding, wallpaper and trimming (Artline) .

Contemporary design of Zimmer + Rohde fabrics, quality and performance are the guiding themes that combine a wide range of Zimmer + Rohde fabrics with different styles of individual brands. The most versatile is Zimmer + Rohde with textured fabrics in multiple color combinations, designed for comfort and usability without sacrificing fashion. The successful Chelsea furniture fabric was launched in 2018 as part of the Metropolitan collection. Customers can customize curtains and upholstery with this modern take on the iconic Chanel pattern, recreated by combining different yarns in warp and weft to create a unique three-dimensional finish.

The Modern Graphics line designed by Stefan Gabel is another novelty . The upholstery fabric, which is also suitable for curtains, is made of a viscose / polyester blend with a Bauhaus-inspired graphic in four color combinations. The Botanical Garden is a new collection that combines the theme of greenery and memories of lush gardens with extravagant floral nuances transferred to technical fabrics for furniture and curtains.

Over a century of history The company was founded by businessmen Ernst Rohde and Max Marx in December 1899

their Frankfurt-based international textile business also flourished during the 1906 financial crisis. The company's products with hand-embroidered and richly decorated fabrics - such as Lampassi - have been particularly successful in Eastern Europe. Georg Zimmer, husband of Ernst Rohde's daughter, joined the company in 1919. National Socialists forced the company to change its name to Zimmer + Rohde. Zimmer secured the company's fortune by saving fabric stores from the bombing of Frankfurt and allowing the company to resume operations immediately after the war.

Brothers Horst and Ernst Georg Zimmer joined the company a few years later. The former took power after his father's death, the latter became a style expert who played a key role in developing the Zimmer + Rohde identity and setting very high production standards for the time.

In 1968, the company left Frankfurt and moved to Frankfurt near Oberursel and continued to develop innovative projects thanks to cooperation with independent designers. In 1974, such partnerships were able to reinforce the brand's new entrepreneurial mission to transform itself from a wholesaler to an international textile company, and were recognized with projects such as "Collection 111", 111 colors that can be combined with any design. The expansion of Zimmer + Rohde continued through the 1980s, when the company created the first design department led by Renate Weisz and Massimo Vignelli redesigned its logo. A new, award-winning Creation Department building opened in Oberursel, with distributors opened in Paris, Milan, Switzerland and New York. Zimmer + Rohde took over the London-based company Clifton Textiles, and further development led to the acquisition of Ardecory, a fabric brand best known for velvets, silks and damasks

Etamine, a brand with a Mediterranean spirit

British classic Hodsoll McKenzie and eclectic Travers

from the well-known German curtain brand ADO Gold Kante.

The Zimmer + Rohde product catalog grew with the company's acquisitions. In 2003, the brand launched its first furniture collection Get Together, designed by French designer Damien Langlois-Meurinne and handcrafted by skilled craftsmen. In 2011, the company added wallpapers, which are now available in five collections, ranging from fabric wallpapers to handcrafted artwork.

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