Inspired by Il Bronzetto

1963 - Il Bronzetto was founded by Antonio Calcinai and specializes in the production of brass and bronze furniture and lighting accessories.
At the beginning, a family business was established to meet the international market demands mainly producing lighting and adapting from occasionally to the tastes of various retailers who purchase large quantities with the help of buyer assistants. Our clients are almost exclusively private labels.

1990 International scenarios are changing and tastes are changing with them. The entry into the company of Simone and Pierfrancesco, sons of Antonio, brings new visions and greater awareness of what the future of the company would be like. The preferential market is the US market, reached through merchants.

2001 The attack on the twin towers and entry into the Chinese WTO marks an epochal shift in the dynamics of exports. The company is losing 80% of the market that has been established by retailers so far. The structure of the company is focused on professional production and begins to work massively on various types of projects, especially in Italy and Europe.

2014The artisan company Il Bronzetto begins the process of branding and presenting the product lines on the market grouped by brands, each of which it has its own identity, position and audience. Brass Brothers & Co. is born the company's contemporary collection with an emphasis on design.

2010The company is joined by cousin Michelangelo introducing new processes such as 3D printer and numerically controlled milling. Il Bronzetto is no longer a craft workshop, but a company capable of implementing special projects and custom-made projects, meeting the evolution in the world of lighting with the advent of LEDs and electronics.

2018 Today Il Bronzetto produces products appreciated and sold all over the world, conveying knowledge of materials and processing techniques from the heritage of a whole generation of Florentine broncists.
The team consists of: 3 managers 7 specialized employees 2 marketing and sales employees 1 designer in the technical office 1 professional research and development 1 digital communication expert.

Products and services , through modern to contemporary design, trying to respond to market trends and customer needs.
Common The denominator of all products is that they are the result of many years of experience and thorough knowledge of materials and processing techniques.
Custom-made work is also carried out, from design to the implementation of the final product with attention to the smallest details.
Customization of products is carried out with high professionalism and accuracy, because the Il Bronzetto team is able to support the designer and anyone who wants to approach the creation of a manufactured product, offering CAD design, 2 and 3D modeling, rendering and prototyping services to verify the feasibility of the project, overall cost and resource optimization.

Context in which we operate: 100% made in Oltrarno Il Bronzetto's activities take place in the historic district of Oltrarno. Defined as the rive gauche in Florence, Oltrarno is an area rich in history, tradition and a unique cultural identity that has been kept alive for centuries by Florentine families who own ateliers, craft shops, art galleries, antique shops and commercial activities related to the world of art and handicraft, passed down from generation to generation.
Not far from each other, near Porta Romana, there is a showroom / sales office and the workshop itself, today a specialized laboratory, where even the most sophisticated tools are used alongside the traditional tools of the Bronzist trade. Some processes such as casting, plating bath finishing, special profiling and milling are outsourced, but in any case all processes are strictly and rigorously carried out within Italy.
The material knowledge extends from brass and bronze, even for other metals such as iron and other materials such as gemstones, precious marbles and crystals, consoles, chandeliers, candlesticks, bookends and style vases.

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