Inspired by A By Arturo Alvarez

a by Arturo Alvarez is a Spanish lighting brand that was founded in 1994 in Galicia, Spain and deals with the creation and production of decorative, handmade decorative lighting, which is the key to the entire production of the company. Handmade, passion and attention to detail have made the brand present in over 80 markets around the world, designing lighting in Hyatt, Marriott, Pullman hotels, offices the size of Google or Spotify and Michelin restaurants.
Its handmade lamps are inspired by they are nature and the organic shapes occurring in it, thus creating original shapes and textures with constant care for the protection of the environmental heritage. With over 25 years of experience, Arturo Alvarez has been awarded several awards worldwide for lamps such as Gea, Coral, Ballet, Beta and Fluo, some exhibits exhibited in museums such as the Museum of Decorative Arts in Barcelona.
Designing with your hands allowed Arturo Alvarez to adapt to all the challenges posed by design professionals. Using stainless steel mesh as a flagship material, the brand has worked on unique and custom designs to meet the needs of each space and each client, creating large compositions for halls, offices, hotels, restaurants and homes around the world. All the colors, shapes and sizes that have been developed over these 25 years have become the know-how that allows them to continue to create lamps that convey emotions through light.

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