Inspired by A/C.H. Studio G.CPH.

A / CH STUDIO is a larger Copenhagen-based collaborative art and design practice set up to explore the boundaries between disciplines. Founded by Asa and Calle Henzel to support artists, the A / CH Collaboration Program serves as a curated platform for emerging contemporary artists to seamlessly translate their work into an alternative medium and present their work to a wider community.

Mission A / CH STUDIO d'être is a place of creation, a place of cultural exchange and a laboratory for artistic and design experiments. We bring together emerging artists, studios, craftsmen and galleries to be part of our collective and share our skills and creativity.

As our rugs are handmade, we can customize each of our designs to your size requirements , color, shape, materials, hair height and number of knots. Our design team is at your disposal on every request. Please contact us for custom requests, we offer business conditions for registered interior designers and architects.

Sustainability was the highest priority in A / CH development and was of course included in all processes. All activities of the studio are carried out with absolute respect for the natural environment and support sustainable management that uses only natural resources.

A / CH STUDIO is part of the Henzel Art & Design Group, a family group founded in 1999. Henzel strives to ensure the long-term development of each of its studies in line with its heritage, creativity, identity and know-how. Each of them is autonomous but has the same overall goals. They coexist with each other, leading to unpredictable resonances such as cultural and artistic overlaps

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