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Abitex, nature and technology used in textiles

Colors and finishes resistant to tears, fire, light, water, fashion and the unpredictable. This is what the Abitex collections promise.

Abitex specializes in the production and sale of eco-leathers and fire retardant fabrics, which have recently emerged in the contract and marine sectors through investment in machinery, skills and research. The idea behind the Abitex mission is to identify the most environmentally friendly production methods, observe nature and its processes to obtain technologically improved products and fireproof natural yarns in the most ecological way.

Despite the fact that as a large group it is relatively new and a recent company, Abitex bases its production on technical know-how that is well-established in the industry. The Abitex company was officially founded in 2010 and is the result of decades of experience in the processing and marketing of textile products. The knowledge and wisdom of the operations team, coordinated by people with over forty years of experience in the furniture and textile industries, helped to strengthen its spirit and related certifications, while guaranteeing profitable production and first-class services.

environmental awareness

Environmental issues are at the center of Abitex's attention and activities. As a specialist in the processing of eco-leather, Abitex has therefore decided to focus on eco-leathers with phthalate-free plasticizers that retain fire-resistant and physico-mechanical properties, making the products attractive to certain market segments, such as contracts. "We invest a lot in research and development," explains Bortolossi, Abitex sales manager, "to find new technologies that are as environmentally friendly as possible and capable of imparting fire retardant properties to natural animal and vegetable yarns without compromising the softness and intrinsic properties of the fiber. impact, away from modern chemistry "..

Two million meters of warehouse service

To meet the demand for short lead times, Abitex invested in warehouse facilities and cutting machines to ensure faster deliveries as well as ultra-fast shipping of A4 color samples to architects and professionals ...

Innovation and craftsmanship

Investing in new machines and new technologies is very good, but we must not forget the value of each processing stage or the smallest details, the perfection of which can only be achieved through craftsmanship, and the experience of craftsmen guarantees to die Precision Various techniques used at Abitex, such as binding of the warp and spindles, are performed by the skilled hands of qualified personnel

these techniques are fundamental to guaranteeing quality, which today is at least as important as speed

Bortolossi: "We avoid imported products as much as possible, preferring to offer our customers Italian or European products at competitive prices and keeping the industry alive, which is the real added value of Made in Italy." < / br>
Abitex in detail


The company has:

- 18 + 6 looms: dobby and jacquard, also double width for endless patterns with many types of yarns.

- Inkjet plotter for digital printing on a large amount of fabric media and maximum customization.

- Warehouse with approximately 2,000,000 meters of marked fabric radio frequency and automatic in-line system for cutting, marking and storage. The new software allows us to track each life expectancy.

In-house fabric testing laboratory

Before being delivered to the warehouse, all products are subjected to the following tests, depending on the requirements:
< / br> - Washing and shrinking

- Color fastness to friction with Crockmeter

- Dynamometer traction

- Martindale friction
< / br> - light fastness

- Jungle test - premature aging by climatic chamber

- Flexometer


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