Inspired by Nadine Daro

To resume the creative universes of Nadine Daro. Until childhood, he has contact with the world of industry, art and craftsmen. Which gives her a sense of forming in interior design.

"Iodine, air, humus, metal, resin, PMMA, PETG, 925 silver, ... The designer Nadine Daro transforms elements into smiling everyday objects, discreet and at the same time strong as a friendly friend.
She approaches each project with an engineering eye and creativity that sharpens in the subject of the home: lamps, packaging, furniture ... providing concept, advice and follow-up, with a global vision provided by the concept and its development. Nadine Daro is also a sailor, close to artisans. With the marks of her creator, she signs artistic jewels while playing with scales. City poetry and industrial rigor are natural partners in her work as a product designer. "

For« The floor is Your »,« 2V table lamp »will be shown during production.

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