Inspired by Agena

AGENA®, over 50 years of history of an Italian company specializing in high-quality wallpapers and fabrics for interior decoration.

Strong entrepreneurial spirit, sensitive perspective and remarkable ability to interpret market development and trends and consumer needs are the hallmarks of AGENA®, a company that has 50 years of industry experience as one of the most distinguished companies that offers Made in Italy and specializes in the production and sale of high-quality wallpapers and fabrics for interior decoration. < / br>
The capillary distribution network of the best specialist salons on the Italian and international market allows Massimo Noto - the creative soul and sales director of the company and the only manager and president since 1990 - to face a bright future.

Without arrogance, but proud, his philosophy expresses all love and respect for the daily work of innovation and research: "My personal goal is certainly not everyone liked it, ”he says. "Entering the homes of people who, like me, have traveled the world, observing and learning all its creative aspects, means offering at all times a style capable of explaining the real need, which is the simplicity of life and elegance."

Fabrics and wallpapers made by AGENA® for high-class decoration declare everyday luxury "par excellence", in other words, the result of innovative creativity and certified quality of AGENA®, entirely made in Italy.

It suggests joy and taste of life, decorating our home without turning it upside down and giving it a strong personality.

"Fashion pass, style stay" is one of Coco Chanel's favorite quotes, representing today's style of AGENA®, a strong and avant-garde brand that can set trends.

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