Inspired by Album

For over 30 years, the album has been designing lighting fixtures that bring luminous and emotional landscapes to life. The philosophy of the Album is based on a fundamental assumption: to bring light exactly where it is needed, so that those who use it can place it in an environment compatible with their own tastes, desires and needs. It is a meeting of creation, rationality and technology that allows for high energy savings. This philosophy is proposed by lighting systems created and developed by designer Pepe Tanzi.

Low-voltage lamps Album Out of concern for the planet, we offer lighting with ever lower consumption: the traditional collection has for 30 years now consisted of low-voltage lamps, much more efficient than traditional ones. The new collections use LED light sources that consume a fifth more light than traditional lamps and last up to 40 times longer. In addition, the designed systems allow the light to be safely brought to its place of use, which guarantees further energy savings.

Album lighting bodies There are 150 lighting bodies that provide various types of light, direct, diffused or adjustable to obtain the maximum visual comfort. Each shape is inspired by nature to evoke emotional yet rational scenarios. Technical components of the Album products are made according to the most innovative technologies to ensure high efficiency and safety.

The Album Collection The Album Collection is complemented by suspended, recessed, wall, ceiling and table products. In 2019, the new Blow Up collection was introduced, for mains voltage, for which one of the most famous lighting bodies was enlarged.

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