Inspired by Alcarol

alcarol is a young Italian company founded by the experimental designer duo Andrea Forti and Eleonora Dal Farr; some of its most famous products were presented in 2013 at the London Design Festival, Salone del Mobile and at various exhibitions in the most influential galleries around the world. After a successful start and great interest from both buyers and the press, alcarol continues to expand its designs and ranges, and now has a wide range of high-end design products and more than 20 exclusive retailers worldwide. Moreover, its architectural background has created a seamless relationship with interior designers and architects.

alcarol likes to create for spaces, working closely and regularly on a wide range of projects and can easily customize designs or create bespoke items and installations to fit to any project. After ten years of experimentation, alcarol is now able to produce any kind of composite volume with the highest quality and durability.

alcarol - brand philosophy

Alcarol is researching and focusing on the history and inherent characteristics of the environment and physical substances, combining the transferred experience in the processing of raw materials with avant-garde and innovative techniques.

All environmental traces on the materials are carefully examined to discover the specific Genius Loci. In classical mythology, the Latin term Genius Loci refers to a caring spirit attached to a place, a guardian who watches over its part of the world and gives it a special character. In the contemporary context, alcarol tries to identify the spirit and essence of the place to gain an above-average understanding.

Alcarol is located halfway between the Venetian Lagoon and the nearby Dolomite Mountains, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pieces aim to capture the unique atmosphere of these extraordinary lands, often by freezing time at the end of the material's life cycle, thus giving it a new life. In line with this cycle, alcarol uses experimental processes using invisible or transparent substances to keep the natural materials exactly as they appear in their original environment and make them function as unique design elements.

Next intersection. physical substances allow you to appreciate their intimate and deep nature, introducing the basic idea of the environmental cross-section. Sectional plans through touch, sight and smell of various materials - they allow us to transcend the usual perception of a place.

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