Inspired by Alchemilla

Alchemilla is a young project start-up whose mission is to offer necessary and useful design solutions to meet the constant demands of hygiene and safety in everyday common spaces. It was born in 2020 from the collaboration of two complementary elements that make up its strength and uniqueness: lead designer Simona Baccanti, with international training and experience, and the engineering company Automa 2000 from Romagna, with a significant number of excellent subcontractors.
< / br> Alchemilla's Principles Disrupting habits in 2020 has raised awareness of the need to rethink the environment and space. Alchemilla is working on this need and introduces a completely new product category, developing innovative hygiene design solutions that can be integrated into both the development of new and existing spaces, enriching them with discretion and respect. Alchemilla's contracting department is particularly dedicated to collaborating in the design of new office, hotel, commercial, residential, cultural and yacht environments, offering 100% customizable solutions in terms of finishes and colors. The values of simplicity and functionality are essential in all Alchemilla appliances: patented and manufactured in Italy, they combine noble and advanced materials such as stainless steel with a clean and timeless design, perfect for any luxurious environment where hygiene and safety with style combine , come first.

The Alchemilla product range The current Alchemilla product range consists of a series of wall-mounted dispensers with lockable and touchless optional features and very high aesthetic quality, made of stainless steel with various finishes such as rose gold and 24k, suitable for luxury interiors where the overall customer experience is particularly important. All Alchemilla products can be personalized and powder coated, electropolished or coated with precious metals: three methods that guarantee the durability and aesthetic excellence of each product in the range.

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