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Barcelona-based Alma Light operates in the indoor and outdoor lighting sector. The history of Alma Light began in 1989, when the Cubiñá family founded HUSTADT ILUMINACION SA, a company dealing in the distribution of lighting systems - mainly on the Northern European market. Over the years, the company has acquired the necessary knowledge to modernize and transfer the development of its own lighting solutions from the distribution business. Alma Light was founded in 2003. From its first productions, Alma Light expressed a contemporary design that was heavily inspired by its home region, Catalonia. The company decided to focus on aesthetic and material innovation in order to become a leader in the lighting sector, exporting its products all over the world.

Contemporary design Alma LightAlma Light takes an approach that places Latin identity at the center of its activities. products influenced by local culture. This can be seen in the choice of colors and the constant search for innovative and minimalist aesthetics. The company attaches constant importance to craftsmanship, developing its projects using the artisanal method with an attention to detail and an obsessive attention to the selection of raw materials with a view to quality and sustainability. The entire production process of Alma Light is supervised by renowned and experienced designers who watch over every step to ensure that the initial vision is perfectly matched to the execution. Alma Light specializes in luminaires for the residential and office market - with the same spirit of innovation that characterizes the brand image. All products are rigorously "Made in Barcelona". The company offers a wide range of indoor lighting fixtures, including pendant, ceiling, wall, floor and table lamps, with a variety of designs, from minimalist creations to lighting modern contexts, to articles with softer lines, more Mediterranean colors and bolder shapes . Functionality, taste and quality of the material characterize the Alma Light outdoor collections. The Catalan company also offers a varied and extensive series of wall, table and floor lamps as well as other original lighting solutions such as the attractive Cuadrat and Nautic lanterns.

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