Inspired by Alma by Giorio

Alma is one of the most famous brands of wooden floors, which thanks to a wide range of solutions offered has an established position both on the Italian and international market. Alma combines the warmth and naturalness of wood with exclusive surfaces and beautifies any room. Alma stands for high-quality parquet. The combination of the best raw materials and the latest trends in the world of parquet has created a series of collections that have a unique style thanks to their appearance, touch and appearance. Vintage, classic, elegant and even modern Alma floors offer an intriguing new look. Alma offers the most practical solutions, taking into account the style preferred by its customers, guaranteeing professionalism, competence and an unmatched level of care. Those who choose Alma choose style and beauty without compromising on quality, a hallmark of the Giorio brand among the largest Italian companies in the natural flooring and furniture industry. Precious Giorio parquet floors, crafted using the best traditional craftsmanship methods, have become synonymous with architecture and interior design, luxury furniture and finishes, and now even sports flooring. The Giorio family's commitment to quality and a passion for materials, shared by a carefully selected team, has resulted in orally satisfied customers since the 1970s and 1980s. This indirect brand promotion perfectly coincided with the period of economic prosperity in Italy and the revival of the construction industry. Within a few years, Giorio became an established and successful brand with phenomenal increases in sales and workload.

This development was carefully monitored and managed by the owner of the company, who placed great importance on every decision made. The company remained the same. a model of excellence in its field. Each floor made by Giorio becomes a real design element that adds warmth and beautifies any space. Giorio soon faced the task of internal reorganization, growing from a small workshop into a whole group of companies. A few decades later, Giorio launched Alma, a brand of wooden flooring that has achieved immediate success both in Italy and abroad.

How are parquet floors made? 1. Raw material: After cutting down a tree in controlled and sustainable forests, the trunk goes to the company. Our team then proceeds to cut, which is made square to give all boards the same resistance and prevent them from twisting over time.

2. Skirting boards and sandwich: Skirting boards are obtained from raw panels obtained. Each lath is then bonded to the multilayer layer in a process called translating. Then the wood goes to the profiler, which makes male-female connections on the head and sides.

4. Finishing, quality control and packaging: After the final pass in the profiling machine, the raw parquet is ready for finishing. The slats are loaded into the machine, where the first brushing takes place, necessary to open the pores of the wood, after which a protective varnish is applied. At this point, after passing careful quality control, the parquet is ready for packing and packaging and for installation in your homes.

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