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ALPAC has been specializing in integrated windows for 30 years: insulation systems for roller blinds, sun visors, full and lamella roller blinds

promotes the culture of energy efficiency and is a partner of GBC and KlimaHouse.
For 30 years, ALPAC has specialized in integrated windows: insulation systems that integrate various types of roller shutters - roller shutters, full panels or lamellas, sun visors, technical roller shutters and a wide range of roller shutter boxes and matching fittings.

Built-in systems ALPAC provide thermal insulation, sound insulation and high energy efficiency

very practical, can reduce construction costs by guaranteeing removal of the window in just a few steps.

ALPAC is the first energy saving company to introduce Lean Production System, with continuous research and innovation to lead the market development, distinguishing new building standards. ALPAC promotes a culture of energy efficiency and is a partner of GBC, KlimaHouse and AIPE.

ALPAC is a safe, reliable and flexible partner for builders, window producers and designers who are used to providing truly tailor-made solutions. He has contributed to relevant architectural projects such as CityLife - Residenze Libeskind and Bicocca Village in Milan (Italy)

is also active in renovations such as Complex Rubens 10 in Milan.

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