Inspired by Altacorte

Altacorte has a special relationship with wood. We recognize its authenticity, and the values of naturalness are combined with a noble and pure soul. That is why we select our types of wood according to unusual criteria, focusing on "old" wood, which reveals its strong personality.
Altacorte is, above all, the style and quality of solutions. Our products are the result of our research and development research. Our creative process is endless and is the result of sensitivity, culture and sharing, as well as detailed technical knowledge. Each project is born and developed in the company, and each department is involved in their concept. In this way, they are carefully assessed in all respects prior to their production. We pay attention to the development of technology; we experiment with new solutions using technical and innovative materials in our achievements. We envision the future by exploring trends, combining colors, shapes and materials, and experimenting with new techniques. Respect for the environment and people is part of our project and in this sense we manage our entire production cycle, scrupulously respecting our personal beliefs, in addition to the law.

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