Inspired by Altreforme

altreforme is an Italian company that produces furniture, produces high-quality collections made in Italy and custom-made projects, mainly in aluminum and dedicated to those who love to be different, choosing to be surrounded by original and sophisticated objects that are also sustainable (aluminum is 100% recyclable).
Customers can choose endless customization options to reflect their own personality.
Altreforme was born in 2008 as an ambitious diversification of the Fontana Group, a world leader since 1956 in the production of aluminum bodywork for cars luxury.
Long experience with prestigious automotive companies inspires this creative design, transferring processes, know-how and unique technologies from the automotive industry to furniture solutions to provide shapes, colors and finishes impossible to date.
W for this reason, altreforme works closely with architects, interior designers and contracts amendments strabismus its special department altreforme sartoria, which is dedicated to commissioned projects and bespoke products, in unique pieces or limited series that challenge aluminum with incredible waviness and an endless range of surface finishes.
Altreforme has won two important international awards: I. dot and Elle Decor Design Award and every year presents new exclusive collections at the prestigious Salone del Mobile in Milan.
Altreforme collections are signed by famous designers and architectural stars: Aziz Sariyer, Marco Piva, Garilab, Elena Cutolo and Italian extravagant fashion Moschino brand.
Creative implementations of altreforme create new scenarios and a new lifestyle, increasingly reflecting the desires and personalities of customers.

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