Inspired by Alure

ALURE is a young Ukrainian company specializing in art casting, production and sale of aluminum products. Unique, handmade products that will remain in perfect shape and will be passed down from generation to generation. The company was founded in 2015 and has gone from learning the craft to the art of perfecting it. This made it possible to create exclusive products that decorate private homes and parks.

Production of Alure Art Casting is a centuries-old method of processing metal products, using techniques dating back to the third millennium BC. From the 15th century, expensive metal works of art adorned all royal palaces, showing the monumentality of nations. The art of metalworking continues to improve and continues to develop in modern conditions. Currently, fusion is used to create unique images in architecture, as well as to create exclusive products of any complexity, from interior decoration to landscape.

Materials: aluminum All products are made of aluminum. It is one of the lightest metals in nature, 3 times lighter than iron; it is a durable material with great freedom in choosing the shape of its creations; it is resistant to weather conditions and requires no maintenance, it is not susceptible to corrosion and aging; it is non-toxic and can be recycled.

Objectives of Alure One of the core components of Alure is to create a highly artistic, high-quality and technologically advanced product. Another is our highly trained and experienced team of managers, designers and managers. The company has its own production plant in Ukraine, which allows for quality control in every production process in order to ensure high quality of the product and to meet the deadlines of the work performed. From the first meeting up to the development of the product concept with further finalization and installation of the product, a complete and individual approach begins.

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