Inspired by Amura

Amura as "love", as "solar eclipse" in Tahitian or "big smile" in Japanese.

But most of all: Amura is the Mediterranean warmth of the region of origin, Altamura is the fragile and authentic beauty of the South is a traditional craftsmanship where quality is a matter of course.

The constant search for natural materials, the ambition to create a perfect synthesis of form and function with its design, obsessive attention to hand-made finishes in a technologically advanced context. These are the values of AMURA.

Not only a brand, but a laboratory of research and experimentation on shapes, design, trends and materials, with a constant look at innovations that never abandon the basics of craftsmanship and its origins.

A project born of the talent and inspiration of Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell who brought together a team of researchers, creators, artists and designers to work on concepts, products and spaces, always focusing on people focused on living and experiencing these spaces.

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