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ANDlight produces elegant and minimalist lighting fixtures. The Canadian company, founded in 2014 by Caine Heintzman, Matt Davis and Lukas Peet, was born out of the desire to offer affordable, functional, designer lighting. Innovative and durable ANDlight luminaires are equipped with efficient, energy-saving light sources, preferring LED technology with its sustainable impact on the environment.

ANDlight Design and LED technology The Pipeline collection, characterized by modular linear LED elements, comes in a variety of configurations. The Pipeline 40 is a pendant lamp held horizontally by thin 1mm overhead cables to create the illusion of an object floating in space. The luminaire emits a wide, uniform beam with a diffuser that softens the LED light while maximizing its power. Pipeline Chandelier pendant lamps are characterized by a cylindrical arrangement of illuminated line sections contained in metal circles. Pipeline Chandelier 9 won the Design Award 2020; offers an unconventional solution that radiates and diffuses light from a concentric structure, creating a luminous object that can be adapted to any space.
Thanks to its remarkable acoustic properties, the Slab collection can absorb sound waves and reduce ambient noise without neglecting aesthetics, ideal for wide range of uses and spaces. Slab 90 is a pendant lamp that combines a visually graphic presence, an incredibly slim profile and acoustic damping properties to give the luminaire unique aesthetics and excellent functionality. Its applications range from corporate offices to busy restaurants and homes. The LED panel is available in warm white and neutral colors. When it is on, the device emits an ambient glow; the panel is brighter when turned off. Slab 20 is the smallest pendant lamp covered with felt in the Slab series. Available individually or in sets with adjustable height, it is wrapped in 100% natural merino wool just like other Slab products.

ANDlight, modular and versatile lighting solutions To improve quality, ANDlight believes that versatility is the key to flexible products. Among the ANDlight collections, Pebble celebrates the beauty of the stones. Two elements of blown glass come together to enhance their simple yet sculptural and translucent form. The result is a custom hanging or wall lamp with a constantly changing appearance depending on the different angles from which it is viewed. The collection comes in two different shapes and four color finishes, non-standard combinations that create surprising play of light and forms. At first glance, the Button collection delights and intrigues with its impressive and relaxing luminosity. The button lamps resemble a giant button with a large, slender, playful shape whose large circular LED surface casts warm, surrounding light. The Button is available in a suspended version Button 60 and Button 90 or as a Wall or Ceiling Button C / W.
The Vine line is characterized by an exaggerated form, which, combined with repeatability, gives a really bold effect. Consisting of a balanced chrome arc surrounded by two glowing glass spheres, the multiplication of the module allows the lamp to grow and expand in height, exponentially enlarging the overall dimensions of the luminaire. The collection includes Vine 3 and Vine 7 hanging lamps made of steel and glass, as well as wall and ceiling lamps. The Orbit series is inspired by the Sun; the original light source is reproduced by an iridescent glass ball. This luminous ball is enclosed in a metal cage, causing the planets to move. The suspended version contains single or multiple objects.

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