Inspired by Etruria Design

Antica Fornace is the beginning of the ETRURIA project.

It is not only the old name of our company, but the product and production concept, inextricably linked with craftsmanship, skills and the most classic ceramic tradition.

It's a concept that we haven't forgotten and that made us realize over the years that we have two key design variables: shape and color. A new vision of the company and the product that corresponds to the logic of image and design competences, both global and individual. The very image of the furniture design becomes a "product", simple and essential, which enhances the elements in their physicality. accessories.

This is how the ETRURIA project was born, and the term "project" was meant to represent its inherent concept of unique and functional beauty, but also a vision of the world and work, evolving through the vastness and freer use of shapes, colors and surfaces combined in large and comprehensive design.


So this is not just a classic element.

The strong nature of the diamond plate allowed ETRURIA Design to bring the ceramic element into future, with more and more decorative collections in the original expression of the "Made in Italy" design, adding value to surface coating and decorating in a totally creative way and personal experience.

ETRURIA design now offers a very rich and comprehensive range of three-dimensional wall coverings, in different colors, shapes and graphic lines, developed through two different decoration concepts: the more stringent, sophisticated Victoria collection and the Art Deco collection, based on a reassessment of decorative style retro.

To meet your design needs, ETRURIA has created HEX design, a collection that draws on the experience of cement floor tiles, deconstructing them and turning them into the present. The floor is not only a space that you have to walk through, but a space to furnish, combining the creativity of design with the exceptional quality of the material, which is porcelain stoneware in the color of the body.

Over the years, ETRURIA Design has restored the shine to surfaces, symbols of the 20th century, transferring their decorative skills to contemporary interior design. An emotional and material journey culminating in the development of a series of bathroom furniture that integrate perfectly with ETRURIA Design floor and wall coverings.

Presented for the first time at Cersaie 2012, the ETRURIA bathroom design concept soon became the main collection Made in Italian furniture and fittings that elegantly combine classic beauty and design.

High design value

"A dream called diamond grinding"

Project ETRURIA started with a dream.

A dream of giving a new form and life to the romanticism and creativity of the early 20th century, which were the genesis of design as we know it today and mass architecture.

A dream called diamond grinding.

The star of the most important places and fast-paced projects of the 20th century thanks to its three-dimensionality, play of light and shadow, regular geometry and freedom of design, this 15 cm small piece has never been just a disguise, but a real design object that can set new trends.

Even today in new forms. The revival of the diamond tile was only the first step.

Starting with the usual modern floor and wall coverings, rediscovering romanticism and retro trends, breaking the concept of two-dimensional surfaces, opening new spatial horizons, breaking the well-worn logic of furniture, giving vent creativity.

These are the current and future paths of ETRURIA design.

Because sleep continues.

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