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Antrax was born in Resana, in the Treviso area, in the late 90's. From the beginning, the goal was to create modern designer heating solutions. And it is the search for thermal efficiency, combined with attention to aesthetics, that is the stylistic hallmark of the brand. In this way, radiators and decorative radiators become real items of equipment, able to adapt to the different sensitivities of consumers. Strongly rooted in its roots, and at the same time oriented towards international markets, the Antrax is an example of a successful Made in Italy. The company has always worked with designers from all over the world: top names in Italian design such as Matteo Thun, Luca Gonzo and Francesco Lucchese are joined by personalities such as Antonio Rodriguez, Daniel Libeskind, Marc Sadler and Victor Vasilev.
This mix of experiences is in turn related to the desire to enrich the cultural tradition of the Treviso region. The creation of training courses and the arts initiatives make Antrax a truly important player in the Italian training context. In this journey of the highest Made in Italy level, Antrax radiators and towel warmers are confirmed as the highest expression of Italian design, capable of recreating a new way of living and experiencing the interior.

Antrax, towel warmers and decorative heaters that Antrax discovers Use all dimensions of a decorative radiator and create designs that combine aesthetics and functionality. The numerous awards won over the years are proof of the brand's leading role in the international arena. Among other things, the Tubone towel warmer, which was also awarded at the ADI Compasso d'Oro, received the Bañeo Prize 2007 and the Oderzo Prize from Unindustria. The creation, signed by Andrea Crosetta, features a steel core that emphasizes the vertical shapes, roundness of lines and harmony of proportions. Collaboration with designers from all over the world gives the Anthrax collection a cosmopolitan and sophisticated soul. The radiator thus becomes a design object, as in the case of Saturn & Moon, the work of Peter Rankin, which fascinates with chrome and matt gold finishes. The same flexibility can be seen in the Teso and Zero-Otto towel warmers, which won the Red Dot Design Award. These two works, included in the Design collection, use the plasticity of aluminum to offer geometric propositions to enrich the bathroom space. Anthrax's credibility on the world stage also depends on exhibiting some of his works in key international venues. In the Kunsthalle in Munich, a chrome-plated decorative radiator Vu made of steel by Massimo Ios Ghini has found its place. Marc Sadler, in turn, signed the Byobu radiator project, a radiator inspired by Japanese decorative glass. The radiating surfaces open and close like doors and rotate on pins mounted on the wall. Byobu is also a technical and decorative element with many functions, because in addition to heating it can also serve as a towel rail, and thanks to the "momoko" accessory, the hook for mounting on the wall becomes, for example, a container for towels and bathrobes.
< / br> Antrax radiators: design, functionality and energy efficiency Antrax was the first to suspect that the concept of "tailor-made furniture" could also be applied to bathroom furniture. This resulted in successful collaborations with designers such as Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. They have used their artistic sensibility to create designs that can blend in with any scenery, like a high waisted dress. In this sense, the vertical T-series towel warmer represents a real turning point in the company's history as it combines for the first time all the elements of the Anthrax philosophy: energy efficiency, attention to design and functionality. The company's new collections continue to follow the path taken by its earliest creations. For example, the Android decorative radiator is configured as a vertical sculpture designed to beautify offices or homes. Inspired by Japanese origami, it is made of eco-friendly material that can be recycled. Inspired by the pressed waffle of the famous Belgian dessert, Waffle combines refined aesthetics with high performance in terms of heating and sustainability, becoming an accessory. Waffle offers many installation possibilities thanks to the modularity of the panels and the new finishes of Frag, Crag, Lrag, Arag and Mrag. The Tavola Total Mirror, designed by Andrea Crosetta, was born out of the evolution of the Tavola product introduced in 2014 and is the perfect synthesis of radiator and mirror. The Total Mirror table finds its natural use in the bathroom, where it perfectly fulfills its double function. The Cod_E heater is a new generation electric heater developed by Antrax after two years of research and development. A simple and clean shell with rounded edges encloses the electrical installation which ensures low consumption thanks to heat exchange which takes place by both radiation and convection.

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