Inspired by Arbi Arredobagno

Arbi Arredobagno is one of the most important manufacturing companies in Italy's Northeast furniture industry. Arbi was founded in 1987 and produces both modern and traditional bathroom models. The history of the brand is closely related to its furniture - a perfect synthesis of craftsmanship and advanced production technology. Over the years, several new collections have been introduced to meet the changing tastes and demands of the market and stay ahead of new trends. Each of these models can be equipped with each bathroom to give it character and uniqueness, offering a wide range of possible compositions

the addition of various accessories, materials and various accessories completes the functionality and quality of the bathroom. Many of these models arise from the need to optimize the available space, not forgetting the details and accessories that allow for personalization and original proposition.

Today, like yesterday, Arbi Arredobagno has an obsessive search for quality in its DNA, striving for excellence in the work of each person and the desire to continue creating history through projects and passion. Beauty, versatility and quality are the values that have always guided the company in its constant search for innovative design so that everyone can enjoy the original furniture made entirely in Italy.

There are currently 15 models available with a wide range of finishes and wide modularity to meet all needs. The assortment is completed by wash basins, bathtubs, mirrors, spotlights, accessories and a special model for washing.

Flagship stores in Milan and Moscow are strategic assets of Arbi, constantly improving its identity and exposure
a few years after the opening, it proved to be an effective tool encouraging cooperation with architects and interior designers.

In 2017, in order to improve the company's products and organization, Arbi expanded the production plant with a new factory with an area of 21,000 square meters square, where the most modern machines have been installed. Thanks to the software systems used, it is possible to monitor the entire production cycle, from order to delivery. In 2020, the company opened ArbiLab, a space entirely dedicated to training, which has always played a key role for the company. The aim is to improve the skills and technical knowledge of each partner so that they take into account the values and distinctiveness of the brand.

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