Inspired by Arblu

Arblu started his entrepreneurial career in 1996 at Pier Giorgio Presotto and still works with his sons Giuseppe, Diada and Giovanni. From its 1998 headquarters in Roveredo in Piano, in the province of Pordenone, she moved in 2003 to the current plant in Fontanafredda (PN) with 12,000 m2 of roofed area divided into 8 functional areas: offices, raw materials processing, assembly, warehouse, department shipping, furniture department, test laboratories and showrooms.

The ability to work with different but complementary materials such as glass, wood, aluminum and new natural resin compounds such as Pietrablu and Tecnoblu are a source of Made in Italy by Arblu.

From 1996 to the present day, the company has been the protagonist of a steady increase in the range of products and services that are becoming more and more detailed. The shower enclosures and bathtub screens, which marked the growth of Arblu on the Italian market in 2006, were joined by multi-functional shower cabins and shower columns. 2008 was the year of specialization in the production of shower trays, which ended in 2009 with the coordinated integration of all bathroom furniture. Today, Arblu represents a Made in Italy solution for a modern bathroom.

Arblu values

Peace and moderation: beautiful does not mean expensive. Beautiful does not mean profitable.

Efficiency: Optimize your time and resources. Don't waste your energy. Focus on a few clear and important goals.

Dynamics: Slow pace. The ability to keep achieving goals clearly, transparently and, above all, consciously. Transparency: elegance that requires no fanfare. Elegance that is composed. Elegance that lasts over time for a bathroom that does not change with the seasons, but remains true to its own style.

Innovation: Predict the future. A response to unspoken needs. Private and unexpected wellness spaces.

Arblu supports the environment

Arblu constantly talks to nature about sustainable development that is not only ecological. The sustainable development of the company is the responsibility for the future of people working together to develop this joint project. Energy consumption. Optimizing energy for greater competitiveness on the market: where quality is synonymous with comfort.


For Arblu, quality is not only a product feature, but ethics that runs through the entire production process each shower enclosure, shower tray and decorative element, radiator and bathroom furniture.

Starting from selected and certified suppliers, we obtain materials covered by the quality management system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000, as well as materials of the first choice such as: B. Toughened glass meeting the requirements of UNI EN 12150-1 "Thermally toughened safety glass", for which laboratory tests are carried out to guarantee continuous breakage and resistance tests. As material safety is a necessary quality in the constant search for product innovations and interpretation of new needs in the field of personal well-being.

Arblu, with the aim of improving the efficiency of its structure while respecting the safety of its employees at work, has obtained ISO CERTIFICATES 9001: 2008 "Quality Management Systems" and OHSAS 18001: 2007 "Occupational Safety Management". The certification body of the integrated system is Bureau Veritas, a world leader in corporate quality, health and safety control, verification and certification.

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