Inspired by Arcahorn

Arcahorn is an Italian brand that produces luxury furniture and accessories characterized by details in the Zebu corner. Its history is related to the craft vocation of its founder, Mario Guerry, who in 1958 founded a workshop specializing in Zebu horn processing in Recanati, rediscovering and appreciating the almost forgotten championships related to the territorial tradition.
The main character of our story The company's corner is a natural material that is pleasant to the touch and to the eye, with countless shades that make up limited collections of unique pieces, in which by nature no two are alike. The horn only shows its DNA after a complex production cycle requiring long lead times, deep dexterity and very specific skills that are appreciated by experienced craftsmen.
After careful selection of the best parts and their exposure to fire, the horn becomes malleable and ready to be smoothed with full consideration of its properties. With the participation of several tools, the hands of the craftsmen gradually turn the corner into tiles that can be skillfully matched to each other. The thought and action of each master are constantly focused on excellence and meticulous attention to detail to ensure collections of unsurpassed quality.
Today the same passion has been inherited by a new generation of the Guerra family, which combines craftsmanship through constant research and transforming horns into unique elements , from furniture to accessories.

Arcahorn collections: Electra, Silk Horn, Shine. which gives the horn a unique identity.
Artistic streak and craftsmanship find their final expression through the combination of refined marbles and exquisite horn inlays, enlivening harmonious color combinations that aim to highlight any interior.
The expertly shaped corner takes on a curved shape and remarkable transparency. Light penetrates it and enhances its naturally veined texture, creating a warm and elegant atmosphere.
The soft and enveloping shapes are found again in the seat elements, embellished with curved corner details, skillfully embedded in customizable top-quality covers.
Zebu handcrafted horn inlays and silky smooth surfaces combine with noble materials in a classic yet contemporary style, giving rise to the new Silk Horn collection. The horn elements, polished brass and satin bronze, handcrafted with great dexterity, are embedded in oak and eucalyptus panels and create endless combinations of shapes and colors. Essences selected by marquetry masters undergo special treatments that activate the reaction of tannins and mineral salts to accelerate and then stabilize the aging process of the wood. The essences become permanent and resistant to external factors such as sunlight over time. Complementary units and accessories of exclusive design, made of natural materials, define spaces in response to different life needs . Sofas, chaise lounges and armchairs upholstered in fine fabrics, characterized by large seat sizes and high comfort, can be adapted to many equipment solutions.
Distinguished by modern, clean lines and glossy finishes, the Shine collection includes a wide selection of furniture, seating systems, lighting and decorative items of unquestionable perfection.
The elegance of the corner is harmoniously combined with the use of valued materials such as selected leathers, precious wood essences and precious metals, sourced from local companies with like-minded craftsmen who are also the best in their fields.
Exclusive hand-engraved brass details bear the seal of the master: our artisans hold a drill every day and use specific techniques that are centuries old. They spend hours carefully engraving this precious metal to create the most unusual play of shape and light.
The natural color palette of polished varnishes enriches each element of this collection and offers sophisticated solutions to satisfy the dreams and expectations of a discerning clientele around the world.
In 2020, Arcahorn released a limited collection of table accessories, returning in a contemporary tone to the first elements designed and produced by Mario Guerra, the company's founder, in the 1950s.

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