Inspired by Archiutti

Archiutti spa, a historic company based in the Treviso area, has been a dynamic reality for over 60 years, animated by commitment and dedication.

Archiutti operates in the office furniture sector and offers several product collections. From the original signboard, where the office becomes a comfortable environment, interpreted in the contemporary language of aesthetics and design values.


Archiutti is always characterized by innovative choices that include work tools, operating systems and the same product proposals that over time have specialized in office furniture to create friendly, functional and high-quality workplaces.

Sustainable Development and Environment

Archiutti deals with ecological culture. Starting with a balanced logic that changes the production system and aims to minimize the impact on the environment, also in the selection and use of materials.

The introduction of a certified quality system allows you to respond appropriately to market regulations and requirements. Archiutti makes choices aimed at continuously optimizing its organizational chart and business processes, managing the quality of products and services (UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008) with environmental management aimed at continuously improving its environmental performance (UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004).


Executive offices, operating environments, representations and meetings, partition and storage walls, bins and bookshelves: these are essential tools for interpreting and customizing the work environment.

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