Inspired by ArcoAcustica

ArcoAcustica is a spin-off of the construction company "Arcobaleno 2 spa", a company that has been working seriously and profitably on insulation solutions for over thirty years.

Through research, design, technical support and product assembly, we develop 360-degree customer service capabilities and activities. In fact, ArcoAcustica has a great mission: to enable all its customers to live and work in maximum acoustic comfort, offering experience and innovation.

The cultural value of silence

- Products for your home

Our products can be used for internal walls (panels), fixed to walls and with the use of polypropylene dowels (wall cladding) or in combination with coated drywall and fixed to metal structures (counter wall). All this to ensure maximum sound insulation against airborne sounds in buildings.

These systems allow you to experience the living and working environment with peace and comfort.

It is also possible to reduce the noise effect caused by intermittent operation systems by using "acoustic walls" in the receiving environment, covering existing wall structures or directly covering used pipes.

- Anti-vibration systems

Another area in which we operate is low-frequency vibrations generated by civilian machinery and industrial and production equipment for which anti-vibration systems are suitable.

In contrast to chassis systems, the high pressure in this area prompted us to use products with exceptional compressive strength and exceptional elastic properties. The systems we propose have been designed and manufactured with a cut-off frequency (f0) generally between 6.0 and 10.0 Hz, related to the static pressure at which the system "works" under conditions of full flexibility.

ArcoAcustica also designs and installs high-class sound absorption systems for use in public places (restaurants, hotels, swimming pools / gyms ...) where there is excessive and annoying reverberation.

Ecological artifacts made of recycled polyester fibers, our panels are an innovative acoustic system designed to suppress and reduce "background noise". They are visible or covered with fabric in a wide range of colors.

It is also possible to print high-quality graphics on upholstery fabrics, thanks to which the end result is as effective as the original.

Product available in various sizes, can be “island” or “baffle mounted” and is supplied with special chrome suspension kits with height adjustment from above, which allows installers to be precise and quick without affecting the customer's work.

The result will be a calm, elegant environment, no longer characterized by reverberation, but by a sensory comfort that only a pleasant place can provide.

sound insulation of machines

Arco MACCHINE consists of a series of interventions performed by ArcoAcustica in order to simultaneously influence all sources of noise generated by civil and industrial machines. These sources can generally be identified in fans, compressors and the vibrations they generate. Arco TUBE), acoustic panels (Arco Rumble) and the already mentioned anti-vibration brackets (Arco DAMPING). In this way, we can guarantee a reduction in air noise generated by the machine by 8-12 dB and eliminate vibrations.

Arco plus, an innovative chassis system

Finally, ArcoAcustica proudly presents the latest new for 2018: Arco PLUS. It is an innovative low-resonance sound insulation system, certified by the prestigious CSTB research center in Marne la Vallée (Fr). The result obtained in the laboratory is unprecedented: the reduction in noise levels was 42.0 dB.

Due to its particular composition, given by a combination of chassis systems and soundproofing / absorbing products, the frequency at which it becomes effective is from 5.0 to 10.0 Hz (in general, the undercarriage systems "work" from 60.0 to 80.0 Hz) and thus in environments that take on the level of treading is greatly reduced. Recyclable and easy to install Arco Plus is the most advanced solution to the problem of sound propagation through floors.

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