Inspired by Ares Line

Ares Line, specializing in the production of office and communal seating, has established itself as the reference player in both sectors.
The company has strengthened its position in recent years with an important strategy that includes distribution and production diversification. The distribution system found a new logic in the process of internationalization of the Company, thanks to the creation of production and distribution units in particularly interesting geographic areas, as exemplified by Ares Line LatinoAmerica, established to best meet the needs of South America. market. In 1996, the Company made a strategic decision to distinguish its products by developing a complete and well-constructed line of collective chairs. This sector required new skills and resources, a challenge in which Ares Line managed to successfully express its maximum potential. Brand internationalization and a multi-product offer make Ares Line a fully integrated reality that occupies a full-fledged position in both the office and community seating sectors.

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