Inspired by Arketicom Design

Arketicom Design is an exclusive Italian brand based in Puglia, a land of sun and sea with a historic craftsmanship. The company's vision is very simple: well-being and lightness can coexist

when items are thought out, designed and made with passion in all three phases of the production process. When we spend most of our time in environments with high levels of comfort, our quality of life also improves. It is a vision inspired by Arketicom Design, which in a more specific concept indicates a close bond that connects who we are and how we live, making the space the absolute hero of this symbiosis, be it home, professional or collective. Thanks to this inspiring compass, Arkecom Design has developed a business philosophy, recognizable in every object produced, based on four basic principles: functionality, aesthetics, exclusivity and durability.

Arketicom Design is creativity, and creativity comes from loving it, what is being done!

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