Inspired by Arrmet

Armmet, a story about avant-garde and vision. Passion, research and innovation are the words that we most often meet in the long history of Arrmet as a building material for communal furniture. small chairs, desks and furniture for schools. These are the times when its industrial character, alive from the very beginning, allows the company to enter the marine accessories market, a sector that already appreciates metal as a modern and reliable material.

In the 1970s, Arrmet decides to take over the Triangle Presidency, now a world center for the production of wooden chairs and furniture. And so, during this industrial explosion, the metal furniture company in Manzano, supported by the avant-garde ideas of its founders, proposes another product, original and full of technology, which is gradually gaining publicity both in the community and in the residential and hotel market. markets.

The company's participation in Salone del Mobile from its first edition has been a springboard to the internationalization of Arrmet, becoming a leading company in America and Saudi Arabia.

Here are the first design collections, designed by Saccardo and Sacchetto, presented in the 1970s together with the largest producers in the industry, is a dream come true. Hence the multiplication of releases, sales, export and optimization of product industrialization. Every year, reaching new market needs, always taking care of aesthetics, functionality, quality, research, economy, and above all writing your own history based on experience. Experimental path, rich in colors, plastics, research and technology at a high level. The hero and bestseller of this period is undoubtedly Pocket, which to this day, after its twentieth birthday, is in our catalog an irreplaceable folding chair and one of the best space-saving products of all time.

Acquisition of the Debi brand, a leading manufacturer of chairs of upholstered furniture for the contract market, dates back to 2012. Combining industrial production capacity, tailoring and adaptability at the craft level, the complementarity of Area Declic and Debi makes the Arrmet Group the ideal partner for contemporary designers.

In 2017, the main ARRMET brand scene proudly returns, gathering in one catalog, the best collections of the 90s under the Area Declic and Debi brands.

Today, as then, the heart and passion remain unchanged, but with particular emphasis on customers and the requirements of workplaces. We design seats and tables that meet the needs of the market without losing the values that have shaped our history. From research to expansion. From experiments to industrialization, we have been producing chairs for around 60 years.

Arrmet shows the contemporary concept of seating, blending craftsmanship and high-tech industrialization, combining steel - the leitmotif of tradition - with various materials to create products for indoor and outdoor use. outside, durable and durable, taking into account the market requirements and the needs of designers, unique Identify and create collections. All that Armrmet, ideas become chairs, chairs are experience, experience is a treasure of the quality of our products.

Quality is the best investment we choose.

We believe that the company is created by people, who dream and invest their time in the implementation of our vision on a daily basis, we respond to the obligation of all economic standards with care and respect for the environment around us.

Metal and plastics, materials that can be recycled endlessly, are processed in facilities that comply with environmental regulations thanks to continuously updated and improved pollution prevention technologies.

The habit of listening and responding is the basis for us of every relationship with our internal and external colleagues as they are infinitely important and timeless, they are also individual missions of each of us.

Armmet works in the ISO 9001 quality management system.

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