Inspired by Art Casa

Art Casa has been producing custom handmade interior curtains, sofas, chairs, armchairs and beds with a more modern and minimalist taste.

Art Casa Craft WorkshopAll products are made entirely in a workshop handicrafts. Each stage of work, from cutting fabrics to finishing, is performed in the interior design studio with the care and skill that has always characterized this art.

For this reason, Art Casa knows every aspect of all models in the catalog, from dimensions after finishing.

The work of Art Casa begins with the selection of raw materials. Both for curtains and upholstery, the best fabrics are selected from a network of suppliers who offer only proven and high-quality materials that will withstand long blinds and curtain panels.

Curtains are an indispensable element of home furnishings: they can give character interior, they can complement and match it, or they can be a completely contrasting element.

Elegance is expressed by fabrics and details: linen, silk and polyester in combination with canneté, frills and trimmings.
All curtains are packed in a craft workshop in Padua. Art Casa cares about every aspect and detail, because it wants to guarantee a refined and high-quality product.

Upholstery The company specializes in the production and renovation of existing upholstery. Together with the client, Art Casa designs beds, sofas and armchairs in various sizes.

All upholstered elements are made of a solid wood frame to make the structure more stable and durable. The company always uses non-toxic foam rubber with different densities to ensure maximum comfort in both the seat and the Life backrest and new applications. He knows how to recognize different styles of furniture and individually evaluate the best solution.

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