Inspired by Arte di tappeti

ARTE DI TAPPETI We started in 1980 with our gallery in Tehran, ancient Persia, today known as Iran, and meanwhile we have almost 40 years of experience in direct import of oriental rugs. The gallery was officially founded by my father in Persia, but it was already active in my grandfather's time. For many years we have been in the multidimensional world of carpets and with great enthusiasm we experience the daily adventure of our profession, always looking for new ideas, methods and the best carpets to offer our customers.

Who is in? We are artisans with a passion for carpets, a passion that we have inherited from a previous generation, offering contemporary carpets for sale to the production of custom items, from specialized cleaning to restoration of vintage carpets and tapestries, tempting you to preserve their high aesthetic value in the best possible way. Then, with all our passion and know-how, we expanded our business to the valuation sector and established our gallery in Milan.

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