Inspired by Nils Holger Moormann

Ascetic, intelligent, humorous and stubborn - Nils Holger Moormann furniture is slightly different from other furniture. It may well be because each step in the process is indicative of a certain self-esteem, and for Nils Holger Moormann the ideas of consistency and simplicity are especially important. Likewise, the feeling that each item comes from the same stable shows genuine authenticity. Due to its reduced and functional aesthetics, along with the precise selection of materials, Moormann furniture accompanies you throughout your life. And if you ever move home you will find out just how easy these items are to disassemble and reassemble, their high degree of modularity basically eliminates the need for tools.

Moormann's path is long and it starts with a good dose of enthusiasm for the product and its design. Ingenuity comes from the fact that, as a rule, we rely on young talents of designers and the internal creative department. During this process, we try to combine sensitivity, achievable goals and ecological aspects. In order to ensure the highest quality, while saving our resources and being able to react quickly to requirements, we dedicate most of our production to the experience of production partners. All these workshops are located within 40 km around us. And it is in these regional centers of excellence that we find such a wide variety of know-how, which lies between traditional craftsmanship techniques and modern production technology.

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