Inspired by Atelier Belge

Atelier Belge designs and produces quirky and timeless interior items. Our work is strongly inspired by the identity of the user, characterized by a refined and minimalist design and attention to detail. Its result is best described as' fun functionality and offers enticing solutions to everyday situations. Atelier Belge products are designed exclusively in Belgium and manufactured according to strict quality standards, in fair and safe working conditions and with deep environmental awareness.

Atelier Belge is a Belgian studio / design brand founded in 2014, which puts the main emphasis on storage design. Functionality, timelessness and personalization are the values that pushed Atelier Belge to the creative industry. Our quirky ideas travel from our drawing table to our inner workshop and back again until we believe they are ready for the market. All our work is the result of close collaboration between the designer and our dedicated artisans.

All Atelier Belge products are made in our own workshop, just around the corner from our studio in Westmalle, Belgium. Our designs are the result of close cooperation between the designer and our specialized craftsmen.

To ensure high quality products at a fair price, we work with the best Manufacturers throughout Europe. Our products are made only in factories that ensure the well-being of employees and comply with labor and health and safety regulations.

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