Inspired by Atmosphera

Atmosphera is an Italian brand of garden furniture distinguished by the quality of materials, stylistic innovation and formal elegance. Based on a philosophy focused on the concept of nature and the desire to produce furniture that harmonizes with the outdoor space, creating an attractive environment, since its inception, the company has been committed to the renewal of the sector. Atmosphera designs and sells home furniture and accessories for the contract sector, always in line with a vision focused on product quality, design and obsessive attention to material selection. Atmosphera outdoor products are designed to be durable and resistant to UV rays, temperature changes, water and all kinds of weather conditions. The collections include a wide range of products in fabric, metal, steel, wood and plastic, all of which are designed to stand the test of time and bring balance and décor to any outdoor space.

Atmosphere: interior furniture and The outdoor furniture segment is the heart of Atmosphera's production. A brand's identity lies between its corporate values and the products it presents to the public. All planning and production takes place in the Design and Marketing Zone, a laboratory where designers' intuitions come to life and designs are transformed into reality. The Atmosphera catalog is devoted to solutions for external equipment. Garden furniture is accompanied by the production of outdoor sofas, armchairs, tables, coffee tables, chairs, deckchairs, seats, furniture and screens. The brand offers a wide range of umbrellas, as well as a detailed catalog of garden accessories. Atmospher's offer is complemented by a selection of lighting for indoor and outdoor applications. Atmosphera is not limited to providing unique, high-quality solutions for outdoor spaces; it also covers the home furnishings sector. Atmosphera solutions include a comprehensive selection of styles and materials for sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs and stools. The brand designs and manufactures textiles, such as carpets, pillows and bedding, complementing the product line aimed at meeting the expectations of hoteliers and professionals in the tourism industry, in full accordance with the mission of striving for quality materials and space.

Atmosphera solutions for the contract sector Atmosphera has always produced contract equipment for hotels, restaurants and bars. Outdoor solutions, which are perfect for furnishing private interiors, villas and public spaces, have been developed to give elegance and attractiveness to tourism activities, resorts and wellness centers. Atmosphera is guided by the goal of creating harmonious, natural scenarios that, thanks to the quality of the furniture, contribute to an excellent guest experience with a view to well-being and comfort. Furnishings such as restaurant chairs, bar stools and small tables are designed as meeting points for comfort, use and a strong appearance. Atmosphera collections aim to provide a unique experience in space and time, where function and design find the most appropriate balance. Atmosphera has been implementing this vision for almost half a century. Its two showrooms in Milan and Padua - open to the public by appointment - are modern and environmentally friendly.

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