Inspired by Aurehum

Aurehum is a French company that produces and sells luxury outdoor furniture. With over 10 years of experience in the industrial sector, our expertise is to combine design and industry to reflect luxurious beauty and functionality.

Aurehum and Agathe multifunction table

Agathe garden table stands out compared to other tables with its design and function. It is fully modular and customizable. It is the perfect embodiment of the phrase "French touch", which combines French know-how, quality, customization and warmth.

Thanks to its futuristic vision, it has the ability to create unforgettable moments. Specially designed for outdoor use, the table has both an open and a closed position.

When opened, it offers space for special cooking equipment and accessories that can be added to any gathering if needed.
The middle section can move up and down and has multiple levels.

The first stores cooking equipment and accessories in a locked table.

The second allows access to kitchen appliances and accessories during dinner.

The third level allows easy insertion and removal of cooking appliances and accessories.

When closed, the table protects kitchen appliances and accessories.

The best materials from Agathe

We work with the best materials that are weather resistant and require little maintenance. Dekton®, aluminum and austenitic steel are Agathe raw materials, but we can process all your requests. The whole is made to measure, the customer can choose the dimensions, colors of the tray and construction. The accessories and cooking equipment can be added according to your tastes and desires: - induction hob, teppanyaki hob, grill, raclette grill, stone grill, grill plate, ice bucket, chopping board, stainless steel plate, LED lighting , USB plug, ethanol fireplace.

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