Inspired by Avonite

Avonite® is a leading global brand of solid surface products for the designer community. It is part of Aistech Surfaces, which has manufactured and marketed a wide range of surface treatment and design materials to provide high-quality, cost-effective and high-quality aesthetic solutions sought by OEMs, architects, designers and manufacturers for industries around the world. < / br>
Avonite Surfaces®, a pioneer in solid surfaces since 1983, was the first company to introduce a vibrant color spectrum at a time when the industry consisted of only light neutral colors. We offer a wide range of colors and patterns for each project. It can be used in vertical or horizontal applications, applied in straight or curved lines, or thermoformed into countless shapes. We are constantly expanding our offer with innovative, effective colors and patterns for our clients. Avonite® sets a new standard in the industry by offering a wide range of solid acrylic sheets across the widest range of standard widths and thicknesses available.

AVONITE®: The solution for the boldest of projects.

Completed with a range of colors specially selected for the European market, AVONITE® offers shades and textures suitable for creating harmonious spaces. The material is homogeneous throughout its thickness, which allows careful cutting and grinding of its surface, giving it a dazzling shine all the time.

AVONITE® panels become flexible and plastic under the heat of special furnaces. One thing is for sure: with its organic shapes and rounded corners, the soft curves of the material add comfort to any interior, and warmth offers beautiful ways to deal with light.

AVONITE® adhesives are color-matched precisely to ensure seamless joints. Now you can create monolithic installations and counters that stretch as far as the eye can see!

State-of-the-art production technologies

The use of a continuous double-strip casting process allows you to adjust the width of the product to any size in the range from 686 mm to 1524 mm. Thanks to this highly efficient process, Aistech Surfaces LLC offers 3 different widths at no extra charge per m² and any other width from 686mm to 1,524mm at a very competitive price.

Color consistency not only within the same batch , but even within different production batches (ΔE <1). the gap between the upper and lower chords. Consequence? AVONITE® sheet thickness tolerance is the lowest of any other solid surface acrylic sheet. Production precision is key to the most ambitious projects and AVONITE® aims to reduce the environmental impact of VOCs. Therefore, SCS Global Services has awarded AVONITE® the highest level, Indoor Advantage Gold, for its ability to maintain indoor air quality. And not only that: thanks to the symmetrical heating and cooling system, this highly efficient system contributes to energy savings. Finally, continuous casting improves efficiency and reduces waste for optimal use of resources.

AVONITE® Commitment to Ecology

At Aistech Surfaces LLC, we constantly strive to improve our energy and water efficiency, diversion of landfills and air quality through performance measurements that we measure and report. Recent and ongoing environmental initiatives include the transition to LED lighting in our facilities and offices, proactive recycling of office and industrial materials, high-efficiency machine drive motor upgrades, industrial water filtration and recycling systems, and thermal oxidisers with heat recovery to reduce VOC emissions. Finally, the transport partner of Aristech Surfaces LLC for Europe guarantees the recycling of wastewater, uses solar energy in the warehouse and gas-powered trucks.

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